Covid-19 Roll Over

Hi Yachtshare Owners,

We appreciate that many owners had their recent bookings cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, border closures and other restrictions as a result of the health directions.

The cancellations have been no fault of any owner or Yachtshare. We’ve been fortunate in that our team has been able to continue with servicing of the vessels throughout March and April. The restrictions resulted in owners unable to sail (legitimately) for only a couple of weeks. This is quite a remarkable outcome considering what could have happened had the virus spread more through the community.

Under normal circumstances, unused days from one trimester are unable to carry onto to future trimesters. However, this trimester has been abnormal to say the least. Some owners have been significantly impacted from using their yacht due to COVID-19. These included interstate, intrastate owners and owners that had to cancel bookings due to boating restrictions over Easter. We are conditionally allowing some of these bookings to be “rolled forward” into future trimesters. Depending on your vessels bookings in July – October, it may not be possible to reallocate all of the days, so we intend to keep a note of the allocations that they can be used in later trimesters in 2020 or 2021.

The procedure for requesting “rollover” allocations is:
1. Use the form below to apply for the number of days that have missed out. Applications must be completed by 30 May 2020.
2. Once approved, Yachtshare will allow owners to make bookings with the “rollover” days from midday on 1 June 2020.
3. Unused “rollover” bookings will be available in later trimesters one month after the standard opening windows. ie. Nov – Feb opens on 1 September so “roll over” bookings can be utilised reserved from 1 October.
4. A separate form will be provided to owners for making bookings using “rollover” days as the normal calendar doesn’t allow for this feature.

Other conditions:
* The bookings must conform with all other rules (within reason)
* “Rollover” bookings are not transferrable to other owners
* At Yachtshare’s discretion, skippers may have the opportunity to use bookings in similar vessels where Yachtshare owns the shares. This is subject to skippers being appropriately inducted and insured. Examples of similar vessels: Inspiration & Elation, Jubilation & Obsession, Imagination & Ovation, Ambition & Reflection. Contact Anton for more details.
* Owners with bookings in May or June should not cancel bookings on the expectation of these dates being “rollover” bookings. Legitimate reasons for cancellations are accepted.
* Yachtshare is not contractually required to offer this initiative but we feel it is the right thing to do given the circumstances. We request all owners use this initiative with fair play and do not adversely disadvantage other owners from equitable access to the vessel.
* Yachtshare reserve rights to decline or withdraw “rollover” bookings if owners don’t honour the spirit in which the initiative is intended.