Satisfied Sailors

More than one hundred owners make up the Yachtshare family. We believe the Yachtshare program is the best way to own a yacht but don’t just take our word for it. Here is a small sample of testimonials and reviews from some of our valued owners. Find out what they like best about their yachts and the Yachtshare program

Donna and I have been a member of the Yachtshare family for more than tree years and we truly cannot recommend highly enough co-vessel ownership through Yachtshare.

We would not have been prepared to take the initial step of co-ownership if it wasn’t for Anton and Barry who gave us the confidence to put the money down and see if this worked as well as it promised. It’s frankly delivered in spades.

Three years in we are so convincingly sold on the Aquila 44 and co-ownership we will find it hard to ever leave and buy our own outright as we originally planned. The Aquila is always very clean, well-prepped, topped up with fuel and water that all we need to do is just jump on board and enjoy ourselves.

We have had the Aquila with extended time in The Whitsundays for 9 days this year, Hervey Bay Sandy Straits in 2019,  Sydney Harbour in 2018, and countless trips with the extended familiy to Tangalooma, Peel Island and the Gold Coast.


Thank you, Anton, Barry, and the whole Yachtshare team for making our boating so stress-free.


David and Donna Beard


Thank you Yachtshare for letting us live our dream. We love our Sailing adventures, the fun, the luxury, the excitement of sailing our beautiful yacht. We have visited some beautiful islands and coastal towns and love sharing our sailing stories with our Jubilation shareowners. We love the Yachtshare community


Tania and John Ryan


I was attracted to Yachtshare as it offered me an opportunity to experience the total walk-on walk-off experience. I know I can call the Yachtshare anytime about our yacht, with absolutely no questions asked. I really enjoy the close-knit Yachtshare community, and respect the good relationships all the owners have with each other.


Brett Young


There is nothing like getting back from work and go out for a moonlight sailing in the middle of the week. With total comfort and safety, there’s no single time I don’t feel amazed by the beauty and peace of Moreton bay at night. Can’t imagine doing without Yachtshare.

Mike Musskopf

Mike Musskopf


We have been with Yachtshare for more than six years and wouldn’t own a boat any other way. The convenience of returning to the marina and simply getting off the boat with your things is what attracted us. The boats are kept immaculate and all the preventative maintenance is taken care of for us. Barry and Anton are fantastic and are always on the other end of the phone when needed


Mandy and Stu Bushell


Give it a go! It’s such a small investment and it’s really improved my sailing. It’s nice to be the skipper and watch my expertise and knowledge grow


Jo Huybers


As seen on "Creek to Coast"

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