Boating continues during the Coronavirus Pandemic

With events being cancelled daily and entertainment venues closing their doors, there is a growing list of things that couple and families can’t do during the pandemic of COVID-19. 

  • Oversea travel and holidays
  • Kids’ weekend sports and games
  • Major and minor sports events and festivals
  • Concerts and large gatherings.

This leaves an enormous gap for couples and families to fill their recreational time with over the next six to twelve months. Rather than becoming a couch potato and living off a continuous feed of Netflix and Reality TV, why not consider a share in a yacht? 

Boating is unlikely to be “cancelled” or “banned” at any stage and meets many of the social distancing criteria currently in place throughout Australia.

A share in a Yachtshare vessel means: 

  • No overseas travel required
  • You’ll be away from the crowds and avoid infection
  • You’ll be compliant with social distancing measures
  • Provisioning is easy with RQYS Vessel Catering
  • Quality time with your family
  • You’ll have all the usual benefits of the boating lifestyle!

We’ve got plenty of toilet paper (not that you can use much in a marine toilet anyway) and we can get you out on the water before the Easter school holidays.

With shares available from $14,000 and up there are boats available to suit all tastes and budgets. Check out all the options in our fleet at the Yachtshare website or read on below.