Monthly Service Fee

After purchasing an equity share in one of the amazing vessels in the Yachtshare Fleet, a monthly fee is paid by each owner for the maintenance an

Yachtshare’s Monthly Fee includes:

(a) a berth for the Vessel at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron;
(b) registration of the Vessel with any relevant Government Authority; 
(c) insurance of the Vessel; 
(d) cleaning of the interior and exterior of the Vessel after each use; 
(e) re-supply of consumables after each use; 
(f) co-ordination of all repairs, maintenance and warranty work on the Vessel; 
(g) refuelling the Vessel as required; 
(h) refilling the freshwater tanks after each use; 
(i) detailing of the interior and exterior of the Vessel as required; 
(j) scheduled servicing of engines to manufacturer’s recommendations;
(k) weekly general engine room checks including top-ups of oil and batteries; 
(l) antifouling as required from time to time; 
(m) the online reservation system and roster for the use and benefit of the Owners.

Become a member of Queensland's premiere boating community.

All Yachtshare shareowners are required to become a member of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. The prestigious yacht club has a vibrant community of sailors and boaties combined with a world-class marina and facilities.