Winter Excursions – Owner Confirmation

The winter excursion programme is an “add-on” to the Yachtshare service. The trip north does not strictly form part of the Yachtshare Syndicate Agreements. . 
The Yachtshare team works tirelessly to make the trip to the Great Barrier Reef an exciting and memorable experience for all owners. As such, we need the support and agreement of owners to bring it to reality. 
The winter excursions have been taking place with the Yachtshare Fleet since 2014 and they will continue well into the future with your support.

We require all participating owners to complete this form to confirm the dates that have been updated in the primary syndicate calendars.
Owners  must agree to the simple terms and conditions that make these trips possible. 

Please review the terms and conditions before completing this form.
Contact Yachtshare First Mate with questions or comments.